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Old words, still true

Above all, innocence alone

Commands a kingdom of its own.

This kingdom needs no armed defense,

No horseman, nor that vain pretence

Of Parthian archers who, in flight,

Shoot arrows to prolong the fight.

It has no need of cannon balls

And guns to batter city walls.

To have no fear of anything,

To want not, is to be a king.

This is the kingdom every man

Gives to himself, as each man can.

Let others scale dominion’s slippery peak;

Peace and obscurity are all I seek. . .

Death’s terrors are for him who, too well known,

Will die a stranger to himself alone.

— Seneca, Thyestes (1st century A.D.) – translation by E.F. Watling

There shouldn’t be a next time. . .

Santa Monica, yesterday:

“Any time someone puts on a vest of some sort, comes out with a bag full of loaded magazines, has an extra receiver, has a handgun and has a semi-automatic rifle, carjacks folks, goes to a college, kills more people, and has to be neutralized at the hands of the police, I would say that that’s premeditated,” [Police Chief] Seabrooks said. . .

Shortly before noon, the gunman is reported to have fled on foot, firing randomly at passing vehicles, wounding one woman. He then carjacked a vehicle being driven by an adult woman and threatened to murder her if she didn’t drive him to the nearby college campus, Seabrooks said.

The gunman demanded the woman stop at various points along the mile-long ride to the campus so he could fire erratically at passing cars, police said. He sprayed bullets at a public bus, shattering glass and injuring three people, and then fired at Franco in his SUV, killing the driver – believed to be on the custodial staff at the college – and leaving the passenger with critical injuries.”  NBC News


I couldn’t have said it better myself . . .

Here’s a typical passage from the ancient Greek philosopher Parmenides.

“The thing that can be thought and that for the sake of which the thought exists is the same; for you cannot find thought without something that is, as to which it is uttered.  And there is not, and never shall be, anything besides what is . . .”

If anyone can enlighten me as to the precise meaning of the above, I would be eternally grateful – and extremely impressed.