From Borodin to Bandcamp

One good way to hear Borodin’s incredible work is to listen to the soundtrack, or actually see the stage or movie version, of Kismet, the Broadway musical which incorporated many of his loveliest pieces, and added some of the cleverest lyrics ever written.  Either version is star-studded with great operatic voices.

Perhaps at the other end of the musical spectrum are my amazing kids, with their indy pop and rock bands.  I always say, just listen to my kids’ music and you’ll hear far better stuff than anything you’ll hear at the Grammys.  You can go to my links page, at the right.  Or go directly, for example, to or .  I’m proud of their music, their art, their community involvement, and their ideals.

2 thoughts on “From Borodin to Bandcamp

  1. Pat Fuller

    Very nice, Chuck. I hope the kids saw this. They should know that you are proud of them. I will check their websites again for new music. Also, I heard part of the soundtrack of Kismet on the radio recently but didn’t know it was from Borodin. I loved it, & remembered the songs from childhood. Borodin certainly lived an interesting life (I’m reading that book about the Mighty Five).

    Love, Pat

    1. chuckredman Post author

      Thanks, Pat. I’m gonna try and find some recordings of Borodin on Youtube and send them to Beth, so she can get to know him. I’ll copy you on the emails, too! Love, Chuck


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