Don’t take your eyes off your cell phone!

Sure. Look at your phone. Don’t look at the cars that could run you over. Look at your  phone. That’s more important. Don’t worry that a big Mercury sedan is bearing down on you as you cross the busy unregulated roadway at the mall (you’d have no way of knowing that the way I drive, that Mercury has never borne down on anyone).

Because you HAVE to read that email. Right now. You cannot wait five seconds until you cross the road. Unthinkable. You need to read that email RIGHT NOW. It’s on your phone and you want to read it NOW. What’s more important afterall: that there may be some big motor vehicle hurtling down upon you? OR, that you might have to postpone reading that fascinating email for five whole seconds?

Go on . Don’t give it a thought. Read your email.

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