Music review of new SOAR album

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dark/gold by SOAR

CLAIMER [“Disclaimer” just doesn’t seem like the right word]: As you may infer, this reviewer is parentally related to SOAR the Band. The review that follows does not purport to be totally disinterested, but is true nonetheless.


Ten songs. dark/gold. SOAR the Band. No wasting time here. Even the very first song on the album, the song called “Fort Funston”, gives me goosebumps and goosebumps, for me, are the ultimate measure of real music. This is an album of voices that are sweet, and of vocal harmonies that are even sweeter. Harmony-wise, I’m not sure I’ve heard anything quite like it since The Mamas and the Papas. Yes, I’m old. Very old.

But, the guitars and the drums are anything but sweet. They are hard-driving and unrelenting. But getting back to the voices, they are loud and clear (and sweet) and not drowned out by the instrumentals. It’s a perfect balance, to my fussy ears. I can understand many or most of the words—not such a common thing with DIY indie pop punk bands. And the lyrics are well-written, provocative, memorable.

“19th Ave”, what a beautiful song. Holy smokes, the harmonies!

“Speakwrite”.  More goosebumps.

“Old Dogs”, song number 7 on the album. A musical journey through highly melodic tunes and refrains.

“Keeping a Record” is the name of the final track. I’ve seem them play this one live. I suspect that name has a double meaning. There’s an edge to those sweet voices. Anyway, just like the opening number: you gotta dance to this last one. Mandatory. Unless you’re me and your feet just don’t listen. Fortunately, my ears listen and they’re pretty happy with this album. And, like I mentioned above, they’re rather fussy.

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Chuck Redman

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