It has crept into my subconscious. It has become a descriptive term, at least in the dark corners of my brain. That name. The one we can’t avoid these days, no matter how much we would like to. . .

I was dreaming that I was climbing a flight of stairs (I’m constantly doing that in my dreams). I was exhausted. Anyway, I overheard a conversation by two gentlemen who were also climbing the stairs. “You won’t come with us,” said one of the men to the other. “You’ll probably work, you antisocial Trump, you.” I think that disturbing scene is what woke me up.

The English language may now have a new five-letter word to describe all kinds of antisocial behavior. That’s good. The old words are quickly becoming tiresome, and, from the look of things, we are going to need lots of descriptors in the general area of abnormal human behavior.

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