The word is Despicable

After many more years in court than Brett Kavanaugh, one thing became very very clear: Men who commit violence against women are almost never able to admit it publicly. Many can’t even admit it to themselves. That includes physical violence and sexual violence.

It’s pretty obvious that the reason why it’s so hard is that it’s such an indefensible (and yes, despicable) thing. There’s absolutely no way for an offender to self-justify such mean and dirty violence. To admit it would admit to being rotten to the core. Thus, they deny.

6 thoughts on “The word is Despicable

  1. Nancy Borelli

    Very important insight. It’s tragic for everyone, but a perpetrator of sexual violence does not belong on the Supreme Court, bottom line.

  2. Pat Fuller

    Good posts, Chuck. Do you think he’s really in denial? Denial is one of Freud’s defense mechanisms. If he’s really in denial, then he really doesn’t remember consciously, or believe, he did those things. I think it’s a generous interpretation. I think it’s more likely that he is denying only in public, which makes him an evil man, probably a psychopath.


    1. chuckredman Post author

      No, I think it’s denial. He was a dumb teenager (in some ways, smart in other ways), drank too much, made bad choices. He’s grown up, become a decent guys. Just can’t come to terms with his long-ago past. . . . Shouldn’t be on the Supreme Court, in any case.

  3. Beth Doshay

    I agree- I think he probably really doesn’t remember due to alcohol, but I also agree that alcohol doesn’t make you do things you aren’t capable of doing sober. If he truly did this thing, he has some major character flaws that don’t belong on the Supreme Court. It doesn’t matter if they happened 30 years ago or not. Also, he may have some secret lingering doubts about his innocence… Otherwise, wouldn’t he have readily agreed (or even volunteered) to an FBI investigation? The way he presented himself during the hearing did not sound very Supreme-Court Judge-like in my opinion.


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